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Street art has the potential to benefit urban environments by creating a safer community and generating relationships between constituents and businesses

In New York City, scholars of urban art found that an increase in street art led to relatively low rates of crime when compared to other neighbourhoods of the city.

Banksy elevated guerrilla street art into a revered artform, his clever stencils commenting on political, social, cultural and ecological indiscretions.


Eight Cape Town-based artists have teamed up with professional artisans (graduates from the Spier Arts Academy) to create small mosaic works (no larger than 50×50 cm) that will be installed permanently on walls and structures around the city metropole district, in a fashion that seems as if they had suddenly appeared.

The mosaic works reflect a wide range of issues including identity, social inequality and the natural environment. We expect simple but beautiful illustrations that will be translated by the artisans into a pixelated mosaic using hand-cut stone, glass and ceramic.

Unlike typical street art initiatives, the Guerrilla Mosaic Bombing project will not be done illegally or without permission from the City and business owners.


Robyn Pretorius
Xolile Mtakatya
Fanie Buys
Kilmany Jo Liversage
Meshack Shakes Tembani
Olivié Keck
Adolf Tega
Wonder Marthinus


House Union Block (HUB) administers a world-class artisan studio that offers unique studio collaboration capabilities in mosaic, ceramic, and bead mediums to fine artists, interior designers, product designers and architects.

In our studio, these ancient crafts have been infused with a contemporary African approach. This enables the development of exquisitely crafted artworks, products and surface coverings that deeply reflect and celebrate contemporary African culture and aesthetics.

HUB also provides a sales channel through non-traditional gallery spaces to a selection of contemporary South African-based artists. We bring a vast collection of contemporary art, sourced through long-standing relationships with artists’ studios.


We believe there is scope to extend the project beyond this initial phase, to create a community supporting this project in the inner city.